Sunday, 8 January 2012

Problems with Google Chrome

Since version 15 update to Google Chrome I have been having problems with web pages freezing and needing to be killed.

Aw, Snap! Indeed.

So this could be an extension conflict problem or a corrupt user profile. Which ever it is, it will cost me some time to fix it.

I noticed that my Evernote Extensions were not updating using the Update extensions now button. I had to remove them and reinstall them to get the latest version in Google Chrome for Mac. They are the up-to-date versions on the Chromebook, so is this just a update issue with Chrome for Mac?

It seems on first test of pages that previously caused Aw, Snap! that with the updated Evernote extensions (particularly the Evernote Web Clipper which was called Clip for Evernote and was a relatively old version) these pages have loaded without problem.

I will need to do some more testing to see if the problem has really stopped. I will also need to keep an eye on what version numbers the extensions are and what is the latest version in the Chrome Web Store. I have regularly clicked the update extensions button but it appears not to work for all extensions.

Update Mon09-Jan-12: Still problems. Disabling all Extensions. Re-enabling them one-by-one. Trying different combinations of Extensions. There is not one Extension that causes the problems. It will appear that one is the problem but in another combination there is no problem when the previously problem Extension is re-enabled. Combine this with all same Apps and Extensions enabled on the Chromebook and there isn’t a problem with them (or I can’t recreate a problem page at the moment).

Update Tue–10-Jan-12 : This is costing a lot of time. The only thing to do is to work with a vanilla Google Chrome, one with no apps nor extensions and see what happens.

Update Wed-14-Mar-2012: Version 17 of Google Chrome for Mac has returned to being stable.

Note: Trying to see what was different between Google Chrome on my Chromebook and my Mac I listed what was on each. In the lists below Apps/Extensions in bold are not on other device.

Google Chrome for Mac (16.0.912.75)

Apps Installed
  1. Chrome Web Store
  2. Blogger
  3. Picasa
  4. Gmail
  5. YouTube
  6. Picnik
  7. Scratchpad
  8. Google Books
  9. Google Docs
  10. Google Maps
  11. Google News
  12. Google Reader
  13. Box
  14. Clock
  15. (Kindle) Cloud Reader
  16. Evernote Web
  17. HootSuite
  18. Pixlr-o-matic
  19. Prezi
  20. QuietWrite
  21. 20 Things I Learned…
Extensions Installed
  1. 1Password
  2. AVG Mobilation
  3. bitly
  4. Blogger Dynamic Views (Google)
  5. (Evernote) Clearly
  6. Clock
  7. Create Link
  8. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (Google)
  9. Email this page (Google)
  10. Embedly
  11. Evernote Web Clipper
  12. FastestTube
  13. Google Dictionary
  14. Google Quick Scroll
  15. Google Tasks
  16. Google Translate
  17. Greplin
  18. Native URL Shortener
  19. Paste to YoruFukurou
  20. Picasa Uploader
  21. Picnik Extension
  22. Pixlr Grabber
  23. Postponer Adder
  24. Postponer Manager
  25. RSS Subscription (Google)
  26. Scratchpad
  27. Screen Capture (Google)
  28. Search by Image (Google)
  29. Tab Menu
  30. TinEye Reverse Image Search

Chromebook Google Chrome 16.0.912.75

Apps Installed
  1. Chrome Web Store
  2. Blogger
  3. Picasa
  4. Gmail
  5. YouTube
  6. Picnik
  7. File Manager
  8. Scratchpad
  9. Google Books
  10. Google Calender
  11. Google Docs
  12. Google Maps
  13. Google News
  14. Google Reader
  15. Box
  16. Clock
  17. Evernote Web
  18. Pixlr-o-matic
  19. HootSuite
  20. Prezi
  21. QuietWrite
  22. Google Talk Launcher
  23. 20 Things I Learned…
  24. Entanglement
Extensions Installed
  1. AVG Mobilation
  2. bitly
  3. Blogger Dynamic Views (Google)
  4. (Evernote) Clearly
  5. Clock
  6. Create Link
  7. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (Google)
  8. Email this page (Google)
  9. Evernote Web Clipper
  10. FastestTube
  11. Google Dictionary
  12. Google Quick Scroll
  13. Google Tasks
  14. Google Translate
  15. Greplin
  16. Native URL Shortener
  17. Picasa Uploader
  18. Picnik Extension
  19. Pixlr Grabber
  20. Postponer Adder
  21. Postponer Manager
  22. RSS Subscription (Google)
  23. Scratchpad
  24. Screen Capture (Google)
  25. Search by Image (Google)
  26. Tab Menu
  27. TinEye Reverse Image Search